Logo of 13th ASEM Summit in 2020

The logo design of the 13th ASEM Summit in 2020 is inspired by Cambodia’s ‘Cho Vear’ architectural style, which is commonly used on decorative roof ridges of Cambodian temples and pagodas. The term ‘Cho Vear’ signifies the Angkorean tradition of praying for blessings from the universe, thus reflecting the hope and optimism behind the efforts of ASEM to promote peace, stability, and prosperity through effective multilateralism.

In addition, the particular version of ‘Cho Vear’ that forms a part of the ASEM13 logo has been adapted into a shape of the Naga, a mythical serpent believed to be the spiritual king of all land and water territories. The essence of the Naga reflects ASEM’s emphasis on promoting inter-regional connectivity as well as achieving shared growth and prosperity.

In preserving the core element of the main ASEM logo, the red ‘Cho Vear’ stroke represents Asia, and a simplified Roman letter “E” in blue represents Europe. Therefore, the intertwined form of the ‘Cho Vear’ stroke and “E” epitomizes Asian and European countries moving forward and growing together in unison.